About Regan

Regan's passion is to create beautiful, structured, practical spaces for her client's everyday life. She believes that having a functional and restful place is so important to maintain a healthy, happy, and stress-free living environment. 


She has been an avid organizer since she was just a young girl. Now Regan is taking the next step into the world of organizing and so Precisely Placed was created! Not only does Regan have an eye for functional organization, but also for design! "To have a space where you know where everything is, along with a clean stylish exterior, is so refreshing".

She looks to bring order to busy clients or for those who look for more function in their home. She prides herself in understanding each individual's routines and living spaces to create a personalized plan to improve their day to day life. Regan is dedicated to working side by side with her clients in efforts to guide them to a more harmonious lifestyle.